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Welcome to the website of Southwest Family Physicians, P.C. and Gretna Family Health, conveniently located in Gretna, Nebraska.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive, integrated healthcare to our patients, helping to achieve and maintain the highest level of health and wellness possible.

Our Vision

We will be an effective and caring healthcare team for all our patients.

Our Values

We believe in the dignity and sanctity of each human life.

Our desire is to serve our patients as an advisor and partner in maintaining their health.

Our commitment is to provide high quality, caring, listening, healthcare for our patients and their families.

We believe we as humans exist in three domains: body, soul and spirit, and that health and balance can and should be maintained in all three domains.

We are family doctors, and we believe there are unique benefits to having one primary provider for the whole family.

We believe Southwest Family Physicians and Gretna Family Health should be a “medical home” for each of our patients: a place to start for all needed health and wellness care.

We are part of the broader healthcare community, responsible for helping to promote public as well as personal health and wellness in Omaha and Gretna.

We strive to fulfill our Hippocratic Oath, including the teaching and training of younger practitioners of medicine.

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Southwest Family Physicians, P.C.
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